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Rose Clay Face Scrub

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    Rose clay, also called Pink Kaolin clay, is the mildest of all facial clays and has many skin benefits. It gently cleanses and exfoliates the skin and improves circulation for a healthier glow. It tightens pores, detoxifies skin and reduces inflammation and irritation In addition to exfoliating the skin, it also helps to prevent wrinkles and fine lines while keeping the skin hydrated.

    This face scrub is made with biodegradable jojoba beads which provide a very gentle yet effective exfoliation, making them ideal for facial use and sensitive skin. 

    Green Tea Extract is another added bonus to this scrub, bringing in extra moisture and its ability to balance the skin's oil production.

    Scent Notes:
    Coconut | Floral

    We recommend using this scrub on clean, damp skin... Massage onto clean, damp skin. The jojoba beads will exfoliate without scratching the skin. Use warm damp cloth to wipe away.

    - For external use ONLY
    - Stop use if rash or irritation occurs
    - Keep out of reach of children

    distilled water, aloe vera, green tea seed oil, argan oil, squalane oil, glycerin, polawax emulsifying wax, btms-50, jojoba beads, dl-panthenol, optiphen, green tea extract, rose clay, fragrance

    Net Weight - 4 oz | 113 g

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    0.53 lb

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    Flame n’ Glow Candle Co

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